Nacho Average Cracka'

Graham Boyle is an artist and activist from Washington D.C who combines photojournalism, propaganda, and mixed printmaking media into street art. Working locally as an arts organizer and curator, his work aims to expand solidarity politics and to strengthen the bonds of collaboration in the artistic community around pressing issues. A graduate of Shepherd University, Graham has worked most recently as the Gallery Director of International Arts & Artists’ Hillyer Art Space in Washington D.C, and as Outreach Associate for Pyramid Atlantic Art Center.

Now a freelance arts organizer contracting for a variety of social-change organizations, his latest curatorial projects include Rainbow Warriors: The Art of Resistance, a multi-media exhibition featuring many of todays premiere social and environmental change artists, which took place on Greenpeace International’s flagship, the Rainbow Warrior 3 while at port in San Francisco Bay; and Incarcerated Masses: Artists Call for an End to Mass Incarceration, Deportations, and Detentions, an exhibit of contemporary printmakers and street-artists demanding reforms to immediately improve incarcerated people’s lives.

Graham currently volunteers as Designer in Residence for Collective Action for Safe-Spaces, a grassroots organization working to combat anti-street harassment and gender-based sexual assault in Washington, D.C. He has worked with CASS to facilitate public arts workshops with women seeking an outlet to express their resistance, as well as to create programming to challenge the prevailing culture of street-harassment in our society.

He maintains a studio and print shop at 2-B Studios in NE DC.