Nacho Average Cracka'

I am honored to have been a driver and participant on the Are We Eating Fishy Food Tour, in which 20 vanguard food justice activists embarked on a cross-country awareness ride in a fleet of sculpturally enhanced vehicles adorned with messages promoting the mandatory labeling of GMO Foods. Originating from Washington D.C, the Fishy Food sculptures are the brainchild of artist and designer Cesar Maxit, who weaved in the story of the Fishy’s escape from the evil Dr. NoSanto into the tour itself, allowing for the interaction of passersby and for the narrative to unfold as we crossed the country. Check out my full blog post on the Are We Eating Fishy Food? Tour at Deep Space Arts Food Tour58.jpg Foodweb64.jpg Food Tour31.jpg Foodweb43.jpg Food Tour sm16.jpg