Nacho Average Cracka'

This Corcoran organized exhibition displays painted and pasted murals executed directly on the walls of Gallery 31. The styles and techniques on view come from the often-illegal world of street art and graffiti. Ephemeral and often anti-establishment, this kind of work is sometimes at odds with efforts by galleries and art fairs to commercialize it. Ill Street Blues aspires to frame street art as vivid yet noncommercial art in a nonprofit space. All of the walls will be returned to white at the close of the exhibition.

HKS181, PORE, MASPAZ, EXIST, TUC, REI21, ADAPT, QUILL, ZECO, FAME, EXPO, KOHEI, Mensa Kondo, Arthur K. Lee, Ignacio Joseph Orzal and probably some more.. st get higher.png st fame.jpg st Fame detail.png st fame walldetai,.png street wuill heads.jpg